How to prevent depression in yourself

Depression is a psychological condition, where a person experiences a very severe sense of depression. When viewed from a scientific point of view, depression is a manifestation of pressure, which causes stress, and then eventually triggers depression. You need to know, depression is a gateway for the emergence of other mental and pathological disorders, such as schizophrenia.

Here are some ways to prevent depression:

Increase self-awareness, to avoid the emergence of stress

Self-awareness or which is the definition of self-awareness is one of the conditions in which each individual is able to realize himself, including his view of himself, the good and the bad, and various conditions concerning himself, one of which is stress. With good self-awareness, each individual will know their own level of resistance to stress. When a person understands the emergence of stress in himself, then the individual will more easily anticipate the emergence of stress and also reduce the emergence of stress in himself, where stress can lead to symptoms of depression.

Avoid events that can cause stress

Another way to prevent depression is to have ways of dealing with stress. Yes, stress is the entrance to the emergence of depression in the individual. Therefore, when you feel there is an event or event that can cause you to become stressed, immediately avoid it and as much as possible don’t get too involved. When you are able to avoid the emergence of stress in certain events, then that’s where you can prevent yourself from depression.

When experiencing stress, immediately implement stress coping strategies

Coping stress is a method used by individuals in dealing with stress. Coping strategies themselves consist of several kinds, such as emotional coping, problem focus and also religion focused coping, these three forms of coping with stress can help you reduce symptoms of severe stress that can cause depression. So, when you feel that you will experience symptoms of stress, don’t wait until you become depressed, take stress coping strategies immediately to help reduce the effects caused by stress, which can later lead to depression.

Don’t force yourself to complete a task that is too heavy

Most individuals become stressed and also depressed due to doing work that is too heavy and not in accordance with their abilities. For example, accepting 5 jobs at once with only 3 days of deadline. This of course will provide tremendous pressure, which can later cause stress. This endless stress due to excessive strenuous activity, if not handled quickly and appropriately, of course will lead to the emergence of depression, which is dangerous for us, especially from a psychological point of view.

Always maintain a nutritious and regular diet

You have to adjust your diet and nutrition if you don’t want to experience depression. This diet and nutritional intake really helps you in your activities, so that at least the energy and energy you spend on activities is not empty. If you do activities with an empty energy state, then you will be more easily depressed and also the probability of experiencing depression is even higher.

Do sports

In addition to regulating diet and good and correct nutritional intake, such as eating 4 healthy 5 perfect foods, one other way is to do regular exercise. Yes, regular exercise has the benefits of exercise for the health of the body, making your mental and physical condition much fresher and healthier. With mental and physical conditions become healthier, then you can be free from pressure and stress that can cause depression.

Pray a lot and also worship

Praying and worshiping is also a form of strategy to calm the mind from various kinds of pressure and also various kinds of stress. By praying a lot and also worshiping, then our mind and mental will become better and also calmer. This will be very useful for those of you who are under pressure, because with lots of prayer and worship, you can reduce the risk of experiencing stress which can lead to depression.

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